This is a continuation of the top 50 best fitness magazines 

14.    Muscular Development Magazine    Muscular-Development

The Muscular Development Magazine is a bodybuilding publication featuring some of the best tips & advice to help you achieve that muscular body.

You’ll also learn a lot from the “No Bull” community of body builders and gain quick access to the workout videos, articles, articles and other blueprints to help supercharge your muscle.

The exercises you need for bodybuilding is quite different compared to when you want to lose weight or burn off excess fats. The nutritional needs are also different, although there are similarities which they both have.

Some of your favorite Hollywood actors have been featured on this cover of Muscular Development Magazine. Recently, Arnold Schwarzenegger the governor was featured. The the magazine website here.

15.   Pilates Style Magazine

Where does Pilate fit in? You should be able to know the benefits of Pilates and how it compares to weight loss – the multiplier effect. The Pilates Style Magazine extensively covers diets, weight loss, exercise and nutrition.

Whether you’re a college student or a fitness trainer, the various articles on healthy habits would instruct you on how to break the soda addiction and become the person you were created to be.

16.   Yoga Magazine    yoga journal

In the Yoga Magazine, some of the world’s renowned yoga trainers will guide you on the effective yoga poses, health and wellness, yoga wisdom, yoga videos etc.

Of recent, the community started getting active and so, it’s vital that you check it out or subscribe to the yearly plan for the magazine.

Most people who desire to learn about Yoga don’t even know how to go about it. Others who wants to become personal trainers and make a living in this widely profitable fitness industry needs to subscribe to the Yoga Magazine.

17.   FitnessRX for Men (Magazine)

The FitnessRX for men is a magazine that’s scientifically based. In other words, the tips and advice you’ll ever receive have undergone a lot of tests from certified fitness practitioners. When you’re on this, I’ve a question for you: Did you know that powerful and thick thighs require earth-shaking exercises in order to be achieved?

You can desire it, but until you take action on working it out, your thighs would still stagger. But the FitnessRX for men guides you. Subscribe to the issue and enjoy every bit of it.

18.   Women’s Running Magazine

Are you a woman who wants to improve speed, stamina and confidence in your life? Then the women’s running magazine covers that. The community has thousands of ecstatic women runners and the content you’ll read about is focused on nutrition, running, women’s fitness and lifestyle, amazing stories from running women, motivation, health and wellness.

Occasionally, this magazine also uses a full-blown page to feature men’s health & fitness. Find it interesting and subscribe if you want to read more.

19.   Men’s Running Magazine

This is truly the first UK’s magazine for running men. You can also read it if you want to become better in your running career. As someone rightly said, “Running is the greatest metaphor in life.” With this, you know that you can gauge your performance and get on the high side just by reading this magazine and following the simple tips.

Learn how to avoid the top 10 running injuries and the preventive measures. Discover expert tips and advice on sustaining your energy while on a long distance race.

The men’s running magazine is colorfully designed and published in the UK, then distributed both locally and internationally. It’s widely read and respected in the fitness marketplace.

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