This is the continuation of the Top 50 Fitness Magazines In The Marketplace.

8.    Men’s Fitness Magazine   

men's fitness magazine 1

This is a game changer. It features UCG for men, Mountain-Ready Routines and helps you adopt the workout of your lifestyle without getting worked up.

The men’s fitness magazine is equally a complete guide for those who wants to build muscle, attain a specified physique with their fitness needs.

Apart from the training and fitness topics, you also enjoy the colorful nutritional guides and recipes which would you stay a bit happier and healthier.

9.    FitPregnancy Magazine

The FitPregancy magazine is solely dedicated to pregnant women and ladies who are expecting to get married – because it the complete guide for your week-by-week pregnancy calendar, pregnancy exercises, due date calculator, healthy recipes for pregnancy, health pregnancy workouts, prenatal workouts and other pregnancy information before, during and after delivery. The 40-week pregnancy is broken down and you can grasp the activities you should engage in at a glance.

10.    Fitness Magazine

One of the essential topics you’ll come across in every issue of Fitness Magazine is the Top 10 Abs Exercises, under the Workouts which actually defies gravity and sets you on top of the game. Achieving that sexy toned body is easier as you read the latest issues of the magazine.

Also, do you know the 10 foods you should never eat? The truth is that once in a while, you need to say “NO” to certain kinds of food and go for natural foods that are able to nourish your body. You can enjoy the videos on the fitness magazine website, an active community and healthy recipes for you.

11.       FitnessRX For Women

Isn’t it high time you enhance performance on your health? The FitnessRX For women is that magazine that has all the interesting topics you’ve been craving for.

Such topics range from Workout tips & Advice, Heather Dee’s Training Journal, Bikini Abs exercises and tips, print & Go workouts as well as perfect legs and Glutes which all comes in easy to follow master-guide and step by step video on the website.

12.       Flex Magazine

Sources have it that the Flex Magazine is the world’s #1 hardcore bodybuilding magazine that you need to go from where you’re right now in your body life to an amazing physique.

It doesn’t get better than that actually. You can find HIIT videos, bodybuilding calendar dates, NPC competition highlights, Trainings and a showcasing of the best meals to eat in order to develop that hard core body.

Flex Magazine is widely read in US, Uk and Australia and has 230904 likes on their facebook page at the time of writing this.

13.       Running Times Magazine

Can you run? Then you can keep a healthy lifestyle, lose weight and stay happy for as long as you’re focused on this one simple exercise – Running. The Running Times Magazine is specific to runners only, but since the ideal and easiest ways to sync weight loss and perfect health is exercise – this magazine will be helpful to you.

Whether you’re young or getting older, you can become a fast runner and get trained on energizing your life. Fitness trainers can benefit from reading this magazine. Subscribe to it if you want to improve your workouts and become a master at practical weight loss projections.

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