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20.    Om Yoga & Lifestyle Magazine       


Lifestyle and fitness are like two Siamese twins who are always together. In view of this, the Om Yoga & Lifestyle Magazine is your best bet for latest news on nutrition, updates on competitions and Gossypium Outfit.

This magazine is one of the world’s leading yoga magazines you can lay your hands on. You’ll find the most effective yoga poses, yoga wisdom and you can now enjoy a more active lifestyle, as you draw on the mental and physical as well as psychological aspect of your fitness life.

As they say, “Health is Wealth, but wealth is not health.” This Om Yoga & Lifestyle magazine is fully designed with colorful sketches and pictures to match your taste. Check out the Om Yoga website.


21.       Trail Runner Magazine

The Trail Runner Magazine has a digital version that gives you the opportunity to read at your own pace and learn interesting stuffs about fitness, nutrition et al. This magazine has detailed insights on race event calendars, running, health, training and travel destinations.

Every now and then, you also get to explore beautiful cities and landscape as well as mountains and valleys. Adventure is one of the recipes for a fun-filled life. Don’t trade your happiness all in the name of running and working out.

Read this magazine and ideally, get your hands on the Trail-Running shoes so you can experience that uniqueness. By the way, the Trail Runner Magazine is published 8 times a year and dedicated to runners in US and other parts of the world. See the official site here.


22.       Yoga & Health Monthly Magazine

You can access the official Yoga & Health Monthly magazine right here and get to read the digital edition whenever you want. Yoga is a fundamental part of fitness and weight loss as well and keeping a healthy lifestyle. People who understand the impact that yoga can play in their lives don’t joke about this magazine.

The magazine is published monthly. It’s also Europe’s leading independent Yoga and General Health magazine and as you flip the pages, you’re going to enjoy the colorful pictures and information on nutrition, yoga poses, yoga clubs and clement destinations for your holidays and so on.


23.    BodyFit Magazine

Are you a woman and you’re serious about fitness and your wellness? Then this leading UK fitness magazine is your best catch. On the cover, you’ll find celebrities and renowned fitness trainers all smiling and inviting you to check out real fitness and weight loss tips and advice on the inside.

You can feel fit inside and out, by reading success stories from around the world, concerning teens, ladies and women who have achieved tremendous sexy toned body, just by doing what you already know – training and eating right.

Bodyfit magazine is actually a monthly magazine. It’s a glossy publication with the primary aim of educating, entertaining and informing you on the right steps to take to build your own life.


24.       Runner’s World Uk Magazine

You can subscribe to the Runner’s World Uk Magazine for $9.97 and enjoy the rich, colorful and well-researched content for runners. Find accurate and practicable information on fitness, running, training, lifestyle, nutrition, health and general well being.

Don’t forget that you can also download the Runner’s World Uk App from itunes and enjoy this globally circulated magazine for runners, no matter your skill. Find great tips and advice on sportswear, nutrition, race plans and so much more.


25.       Slimming World Magazine

From the theme of this magazine, you can tell what the content is all about. Can you guess what 85% of the information addresses? Yep, I heard you correctly – fitness, weight loss and nutrition.

The truth is that the Slimming World magazine is widely circulated in the US and read across the Uk and other nations of the world.

For as much as the content is superb and well-written to help you achieve that particular toned body and look sexy, the subscription cost might be a little off your budget. Actually, it costs $61.65 to subscribe to it. You’ll enjoy the seasonal bursting autumn menus and motivation to stick to a particular training no matter how much discouragement you feel.


7.       Outdoor Fitness Magazine

Do you want to train for awesome events and wants to improve your performance by 103%? Then get closer to the Outdoor Fitness Magazine. It’s dedicated to those who want to get fit, and stay fit for as long as they want. Other athletes have been featured on past editions and you can get inspired by their zeal and exploits. You can visit the magazine site here.

Inside the colorful matured pages of this magazine, you’ll find interesting articles and pictures on outdoor sports, nutrition, ultimate fitness plans, workouts, training, extreme sports and health related topics.

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