Can You Get Abs from Laughing?

Do you know that laughing is very good for both your mind and body? When you laugh you move more and more; elongating and constricting muscles in your face and stomach.

Your heart rate boosts and you breathe quicker, too. This sends additional oxygen to tissues, like your muscles.

Laughter and still smiling both are shown to have short-term benefits like diminishing your stress levels and increasing the endorphins unconfined by your brain, and long-term benefits like improving your protected system as well as your mood. Continue reading

15 Pool Exercises for Arms: How to Do Each of The Exercises

Are you looking for the best pool exercises for arms?

Which exercises are best to tone and strengthen those arms, and how are you going to do that? 

One of the great ways of doing this and is a lot of fun, is exercising in the water, whilst keeping cool especially in the summer.

Owning or having access to a swimming pool can not only be a lot of fun for you and the family, but also beneficial to your daily exercise regime, should you have one. Continue reading

10 Resistance Band Exercises For Men: Best Form and Muscles Worked

Resistance bands are a pocket-friendly type of free weight exercise tool. It’s portable hence can be carried anywhere you go.

You can exercise with a resistance band at the comfort of your home or away traveling.

If you are looking to explore a countless number of moves and exercises for your muscles build up, cardiovascular fitness, maintaining standard body fitness, burning excess calories, muscle strength, a resistance band is simple but rather the best type of tool to look out for. Continue reading

What Do Bodybuilders Eat? (When They Eat and Healthy Food List)

If you’re reading this post, it’s probably because you want to be like famous bodybuilders, you want to eat like them so you can get some amazing results.

You might have seen bodybuilders eating 5,000 calories to get big, eating tons of food for the gains, crazy right?

You might also have tried to follow some of their diets before, but you can’t just follow somebody else’s diet and expect to see results. Continue reading

12 Chest and Shoulder Workout You Can Do Now

Everyone wants that super-hero well-balanced physique. As a matter of fact, the total number of gym membership in the United States increased by 14% from 2010 to 2017 and it is expected to see another drastic rise by 2021.

However, despite the desire to get ripped, it doesn’t come easy as most people just don’t know what steps to take to get there. This is especially when it comes to achieving well-developed shoulders and muscular chests.
Continue reading

4 Bicep Exercises With dumbbells (With Videos)

Are you looking for the right biceps exercises to practice at home using a dumbbell? Here are the top 4 picks:

1. Concentration curls (advanced)

2. Bicep Curls One-Arm (Beginner)

3. Biceps curls with two arms

4. Hammer curls one-armed

Which muscles do we work on during biceps exercises? Of course, we train our anterior humerus called biceps as the main target muscle.

In support of this, we use the brachialis on the lateral upper arm and the brachial duplex on the upper forearm.
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Creatine Powder Vs. Pills: Difference, Benefits, and Side Effects

A lot of guys are touting the benefits of creatine powder. If you’re thinking of trying it to see how much impact it’d make in your muscle-building adventure, I wrote this post with you in mind.

The difference between creatine powder and pill is that in pill form, you’re expected to first digest it before the body starts to use it. Creatine powder is easily absorbed by the body. In powder form, it works rapidly which is why a lot of muscle builders use and recommend creatine. Continue reading