Close Grip Lat Pulldown V Bar: Best Guide 2021

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The Close Grip Lat Pulldown V-Bar is one of the hottest devices in the gym right now. It simulates the pull-down force and properly works the entire back muscles and lats.

By the end of this article, you’ll know exactly how to do V-Bar exercises like a pro.

Here is a Proper V-Bar Close-Grip form:


1. Adjust the sitting position so that the grip is directly above the head
2. Adjust the height of the seat front baffle and let it securely hold the legs
3. Grasp the grip, hold the chest, start with the strength of the shoulder sinking, and then pull down the grip
4. Breath pull down, suction reduction
5. Use the schematic:

Pull down the different grips and grip widths from the high position, which will produce different training effects. It is recommended that you try several grips and find the best position for your back.

The 7 biggest mistakes in Close Grip Lat Pulldown training

A Lat Pulldown and its variants are part of every good training program. Unfortunately, many athletes commit blatant mistakes in Close Grip training that increase injury and congestion risk and limit performance improvement.

Avoiding these 7 mistakes will make you safer, better trained, and make faster progress in chin-up training.

The 7 biggest mistakes in chin-up training are:

1. No pull ups to exercise

Every healthy person under the age of 70 should have the strength for it (yes, even women, where the limit can be drawn at about 60 years). Men should even do at least 3, better still 5 or more. Our ancestors could do that!

Being able to pull yourself up on a branch, a pole, or the like not only trains an important movement pattern, but is also a sign of your own basic power.

This basic exercise has been lost in today’s society due to the passively shaped daily routine and has become so difficult for many that only a few people create multiple Close Grip type Pulldowns.

Therefore, the recommendation: As a fitness parameter for pulling exercises or traction men should at least 3-5 chin-ups and women at least 1-3. More power is of course very welcome.

If you are not yet practicing this type of Pulldown exercises or rowing exercises (for beginners), you should definitely start with them.

Soon you will be amazed by the strength you build up in your upper body, shoulders and arms. And dear men: hardly any other exercise builds up muscle mass in the upper body as well as Close Grip workout.

2. Do not follow a structured Close Grip Lat Pulldown program

If you look at fitness studios like the few who are still doing a Close Grip training, you will often see an unstructured program or a rather random approach to incorporating Close Grip Lat into the training program.

If you follow a clearly structured program, you will regularly be able to celebrate intermediate goals as you reach the next level and record better and faster training progress.

3. To choose too big or too difficult progression levels

This error is partly based on the previous one, as the important intermediate steps for safe and injury-free training are unknown to many. If you are not yet able to do clean pull ups you should not start with chin-ups right away.

Before, the technique can be learned under lighter weight and in sub-steps. The attachment of additional weights is usually carried out too early, if the force development or technology execution have not been trained enough.

Before you do not create at least 12-15 clean Close Grip Lat Pulldowns, there are z. For example, there is little reason to attach extra weight.

4. Start directly with Close Grip Lat Pulldowns or vertical pulling

Before you start the Lat Pulldown on the device or the “gym” option, you should first learn to be able to actively fix your shoulder blades and build up a basic strength for the stabilization of the shoulders and trunk.

Look at z. For example, let’s see how many exercisers pull their shoulders up to their ears during the Lat Pulldown exercise. This is neither good for the shoulders nor for the neck. This shows clearly that it is too early for this type of pulldown.

Horizontal pulling, so all variants of rowing trains, are initially extensively to train, before you pull on Close Grip Lat Pulldowns.

Only when you know how the shoulder blades are actively fixed and you have developed the necessary strength and body feeling, you should slowly approach step by step to close grip training..

5. Disregard of a clean engineering design

The few athletes that you see in the gyms on Lat Pulldown bar, often demonstrate a very unclean technical execution. This not only greatly increases the risk of congestion or even injury, but also limits the effectiveness of training, which in turn slows the training progress.

The following points apply to a clean chin-up technique: a shoulder-width of the hands (depending on the grip variant), stretched elbows when lowered, the shoulders are pulled backwards during the entire movement sequence, the belly is taut and the view towards the front or back directed forward and down.

The movement is controlled and without momentum, neither during the upward movement, nor during the lowering.

6. Do not exercise Close Grip Lat Pulldowns to the full extent of movement

Due to a lack of strength and technique, many athletes perform only partial movements in Close Grip Lat Pulldowns.

In principle, all exercises should be exercised to the full range of motion in order to maintain the mobility and to ensure a harmonious development of strength and muscle over the entire course of movement.

For this exercise, this means that you pull yourself up until your chin passes the bar and stretches your elbows as you lower it (but the shoulders remain at the back).

7. Exercises regularly to train muscle failure

The central nervous system should not be regularly brought to failure during an exercise. It is mental and not beneficial for the progress of the training if the head has to adjust to a failure with each training session.

In addition, such training significantly increases the risk of symptoms of congestion and injuries and unnecessarily prolongs regeneration.

As a rule of thumb, you can remember that the last repetition should still look like the first one, or that you have to finish a chin-up set if you still have 1-2 technically clean repetitions. Try it and look forward to better training progress.

Only if you master the technique very well and have developed a good body feeling, you can occasionally train to muscle failure, which is actually not necessary.

Additional tip to keep in mind

In most cases, the back is where many beginners do not exercise. Because when you look in the mirror, the back cannot be seen. Most people do not exercise their backs when they first start exercising.

However, this back position plays a role in people’s clothing quality and overall symmetry development.

The back muscles serve as a major muscle group in the body’s seven major muscle groups and play a very important role in people’s daily activities.

In particular, the importance of a thick, fleshy, inverted triangle on the back of a man or a woman will enhance the overall aesthetics of the line, or the overall body muscle.

When using your hands to hold the barbell, use your own palm (a palm facing the thigh) and your feet will immediately stand on your shoulders.

Tip: Your hand should be wider and wider than shoulder width. You can use this wristband for this exercise to get a better grip.

Then take a breath and tighten it.

Tip: Avoid using your biceps to lift the barbell. Slowly return to your starting position while breathing. Repeat the recommended number of repetitions.

Sitting on the pull-down machine, connect the V-bar to the top pulley.

Use your lever to pull down your scapula. Continue until your chest almost touches the lever. Exhale when you do this action.

Tip: Keep your torso still.

Repeat the specified number of repetitions.

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