10 Toning Workouts For Men and Plans to Build Strong Muscle

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Performing exercises to lose weight is not the only concern of the people, having a toned figure is even more important than looking thin.

Toning the muscles is to maintain a certain degree of muscle hardness that is usually lost by the little physical activity performed.

The specific gym routines to tone the body include weight training, aerobic exercises, especially a good diet, the three elements in combination will give a quick result.

It is recommended that the intensity of the exercises be three times per week so you will tone and burn enough calories due to the disposition of the whole body in each session also perform compound exercises that involve more muscle mass.

5 tips to tone your muscles better

If you have maintained regularity in the gym but not yet the results represented in toned muscles, it may be that something is wrong, for that reason we wanted to bring you some tips so you know if something is missing in your physical exercises.

a). Start with compound exercises: There is nothing better than starting your exercise routines that involve two or more muscles in movement, which in terms of time allows you to work with moderate intensity two parts of your body that complement, for example, legs or arms and chest.

b). Alternate weight loads: If you do not know some muscles can support greater weight along with other movements that allow a higher overload, while others are less receptive to the increase of this load. When you manage to alternate the loads of weight your muscles will adapt and you will have better results, nevertheless it is very important to always consult the instructor in a personalized training.

c). Change your routine: Try changing the exercises you perform for new ones that involve other parts of the body that you do not use, that is, we advise you to attend at least once a week to new challenges, with the sole purpose of allowing your body to breathe and not get used to the same machines and the same training.

d). Speed: Eye we do not talk that you do all the exercises in record time and that you go from one machine to another doing routines exercises without stopping, what we are saying is that consciously you must work in a more focused way taking the necessary time, to warm up, do the routine and stretch to finish.

When you only do exercises in a hurry, the impulse reduces the work of the muscles and the movement does not take place.

e). Combines routines: There is no other combination of aerobic training exercises such as spinning classes with other endurance classes taking into account the previous tips that we mentioned, since that way you will be able to burn more calories, with exercises to lose weight while you really manage to tone your muscles in a fast and effective way.

Suggested routines depending on the need

We know that if you are a man or a woman, your needs go through different levels, that’s why we have two proposed routines for you to appropriate according to your case.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday = cardio

Use in these three days a cardio machine such as: an elliptical bike, a treadmill, or a ladder, with a duration of 20 minutes, propose to alternate the speed and resistance included in 5 minutes of warm-up, 10 of your full potential and 5 minutes to return to your natural state.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday = resistance

Work all the muscles in groups such as the back, legs, abdominal, biceps, triceps and shoulders, we suggest you perform series of exercises as different weights by muscle groups, keeping in mind that the first group should be heavy but maneuverable. The second set should be heavier reducing the repetitions and the third with fewer repetitions and more weight.

How much exercise do I need to tone my muscles?

Achieving a toned body requires a consistent exercise regimen, as well as a diet plan. You will have to focus primarily on conditioning with cardio to lose excess body fat and sculpt the muscles. Contrary to common belief, you do not need to spend three hours per day in the gym to get a toned body.

How long does it take to tone the muscles?

Toning the body takes time, especially if you are starting from scratch and also have the need to build muscle, as well as reduce body fat. Unfortunately, toning is not a linear process – you will not experience a certain rate of muscle gain or fat loss every week.

Toning without going to the gym

Getting a ripped or toned body requires a lot of work and dedication with a structured exercise and a nutrition regime. Despite what you may think, you do not need to spend countless hours in the gym to achieve a toned physique.

Instead, take advantage of the great outdoors and comfort of your own home to burn calories and strengthen muscles.

8 recommended exercises to tone your body at home as a woman

Toning your body at home has the advantage that you decide when it’s time to get in shape. Try to create a self-image to fall back on when laziness floods you.

The gyms are multiplied in the big cities and, also in the not so big. However, for many it is impossible to go to them regularly .

The schedules are becoming more flexible at work, which usually means that you know when you start but never when you finish. Sometimes, not even when you start.

Therefore, following a constant dynamic in a specific place at a specific time is very difficult.

For this reason, more and more we are committed to take care of ourselves at home. Besides being more economical, it allows us to do exercises without pressure or stress .

We just need our will and an effective exercise routine that allows us to be in shape.

The most complicated thing is to start the method to tone your body at home . You do not really know what to do and, when you ask advice from friends, they are usually contradictory.

Aware of them, we wanted to offer you a good board that allows you to meet your goals, without using weights or rubbers.

With a chair, a stool or a bed you will have enough to strengthen all the muscle groups and in half an hour!

You will see notable improvements to the month and a half, as long as you do a minimum of two weekly sessions and repeat each movement 25 times.

As you can see, our proposal is not very demanding in terms of time.

How to tone your body at home

1. Heating for 5 minutes

Do not skip this part. It is very necessary to avoid injuries and to enter the dynamics with the muscles in a position to make the maximum effort. You will surrender more and better if you heat well.

It consists of jogging and, if you can not do it at home, you can climb the stairs of the portal at a moderate speed . It is a more powerful option, but this way you will start toning the lower train, while doing cardio.

2. Step for legs and glutes

If you do not have the specific device, you can resort to a bank with a low height or a step.

  • First, go up with your dominant leg and then with the other. Go down in the same way.
  • Try to keep your back as straight as possible, but avoid tension.
  • When you climb the platform, support the whole sole, so that the exercise is more powerful.

3. Thighs and buttocks

For this exercise you will need a chair or a bed and a pillow.

  • Put yourself in the supine position (face up), with your ankles on the chair and support your neck well on the pillow.
  • Place your hands on your chest and raise your glutes as much as possible.

4. Complete thighs and glutes

This exercise is a continuation of the previous one.

  • Put yourself in the opposite position and rest your arms on the chair.
  • Lift one leg back and then the other. The ideal is 25 repetitions, but listen to your body. Do not force too much.

5. Tone your twins at home

Now look for a table that serves as support. Place your hands on it.

  • While you put one foot on tiptoe, up the other and flexiónala until an angle straight .
  • When you have done it 25 times, do the same with the other side.

6. Exercise for the thighs

It is one of the simplest and funniest.

  • Open your legs and take the weight of your body to one side and then to the other side.
  • It is very pleasant when you do it with music. It is a very particular dance. Try it and you’ll see.

7. Abdominal

For this exercise we use the chair again as a support.

  • Lie on the floor and raise your legs on the chair. Make sure they are well supported, up to the knee.
  • Raise your torso, but be careful with your back. Remember that strength should be done in the abdominal area, not in the neck. Otherwise, it is very likely that you will hurt yourself.

8. Complete the toning of the abdominal

  • Lie in a supine position, with arms outstretched.
  • Flex the legs, with the intention of bringing the knees to the chest as much as possible and return to the initial position.
  • When you get used to it, try crossing the lower extremities to train the obliques.

As we said at the beginning, you will only need half an hour of your time to perform these 8 exercises to tone your body at home.

Do not get carried away by laziness and continue with them. During the rest of the day try to imagine the figure you want to have, thought about how you want to be.

In this way, you send positive messages to your subconscious that will become motivation.

Specific Recommendations

If you have never exercised and you have trouble following the training, do not worry. Repeat the session as many times as you want. The important thing is to do well the exercises and progress, although it costs a little more than the bill. Do not want to go too fast, less, it’s more.

If you do not have the specific sports equipment of the room, you can replace it with other objects. For example, substitute dumbbells for a couple of water bottles filled with sand or rice.

It is very important to hydrate before, during and after the session so that the body can better support the effort. You should also avoid exercising on an empty stomach. Food is a key factor in sports.

General Considerations

Before starting to exercise regularly, we recommend you go to the doctor for a review in case you have had some type of ailment or you have not exercised for a long time. He is the best professional to tell you what kind of activity is best for you. We suggest you start gradually.

The use and monitoring of the instructions that we give you in these videos will always be at your own risk. The calculation of caloric expenditure responds to an approximate average.

Exercises to Tone a Man’s Body

If you don’t want to buy sporting goods and don’t want to go to the gym, don’t worry, because you can only use your body to train and tone your muscles.

1. Squats: a very popular and effective exercise that works leg muscles as well as buttocks achieving good results in toning and fitness.

2. Lifting weights increases strength and endurance, provides greater body balance and benefits posture and, like any physical activity, stimulates the production of endorphins that make us feel good, reducing stress and fighting depression.

3. Running, which is not only an aerobic activity but also tones the leg muscles.

4. Lie on the floor and bend your knees, your hands must cross behind your head with your thumbs at the back of your neck. The knees you raise and lower the chest, you have 3 series of 15 and as time goes by you have to increase the series and repetitions.

Lateral elevations. The development of this exercise should be done on a mat, with the body on the side, then you raise one of the legs as far as possible without bending the knee and then lower the leg slowly so that the muscle makes its greatest demands.

Important: The only way to get a well-toned body is to combine physical exercise and a healthy diet that contains carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

Physical activity is necessary to stay in good health, to be in good shape, it will never harm you.

Final Tips

Do not forget to consult your personal trainer about this type of routine, being very demanding is essential to know the capabilities of each person and not burden the body with unnecessary efforts or amounts that harm health.

You must have a progress, also results over time. This way you can create a sports training plan that is conducive to your conditions.

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