How to get a Slim Waist: Top 6 exercises with the highest impact

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Do you want to get a slim waist? Maybe some of your clothes do not fit you like last year? We’ve all been there! Would you like to lose weight before summer?

If you have gained some weight in the abdomen areas (stomach and belly), here are some exercises to get a slim waist, which you can easily do at home with minimal or no equipment.

They say that “Abs are built in the kitchen” and they are right, however, you can do some specific exercises to strengthen and stimulate your waist and torso area to deal with pain, poor posture, skin looseness and local thickness.

While this article may seem it is targeting to help women achieve their waist goals, all presented exercises are just as effective for the male body too, it’s just that guys replace the “slim waist” goal with “iron abs”! Whatever the goal, this set of exercises guarantee to get you there.

As a first step and a kind reminder, before doing any physical exercise or exercise, it is essential to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. To lose weight in the abdomen, you need to consume less sugar and carbohydrates as well as have a fair workout frequency (aim for 2-3 times a week).

An equipped gym is always the best place to train, however if do not have the time, or are thinking to avoid any unwanted COVID-19 encounters and prefer to stay at home, you might as well can, because these exercises can be executed there too!

Number 1: Bicycle Crunches

Doing Abs and Bike together. An exercise of increased difficulty but with spectacular results. More specifically, you lie down on an exercise mat, looking upwards. The arms remain bent, with the palms behind your ears. Your legs bend alternately, coming towards the abdomen. You need to synchronize the movement of your legs with that of your hands. Each time you try to keep your torso at a moderate height, bring the elbow of one hand to the knee of the opposite foot. And vice versa.


Number 2: Plank (Elbow and Side)

Elbow Plank:

It literally exercises the WHOLE body, tightens it, strengthens it and enhances muscles definition. Strengthens arms, legs, waist, back, abdomen.

On an exercise mat or smooth floor, rest your elbows and toes. Stand up straight looking at the ground. Be careful not to drop your waist or lift your buttocks up. You can find a dedicated article here.


Available Products on the market

As you are probably aware there are available accessories out there that you can complement your workouts with to make them even more effective and get results faster. Such products are the Waist Trimmer Trainer Belts for Women or Men’s Waist Trimmers. Feel free to try them for accelerated results. 

Side Plank:

An even more effective alternative to the Elbow Planck mentioned above is the Side Planck. It focuses even more on the waist area. That’s why you will see women do it more often targeting a slim waist!

This time you need to rest your whole body on one arm that stays bent with the elbow on the ground. And on the outside of the sole (that is, your shoe) on the foot of the same side. You look at the opposite side. Hold this position for 30 seconds. Stop for 10 seconds and repeat on the other side. Do 2 sets on each side.

Over time you increase the sets and the time you stay in each plank position.


Number 3: Russian Twists (Sitting Twists)

Start sitting down with your knees bent. All you have to do is lift your legs off the floor and go left and right on your torso. Do this for 30 seconds or count 12-15 reps. Ideally you are holding an average weight when you do the twists. As expected, the heavier the weight, the tougher the twist. Please scale your weight based on your fitness level.

Here showing the Weighted Russian Twist. Obviously, you can remove the weight if you feel it’s becoming too hard.

Missing some equipment? Would you like to try with a Medicine Ball? Here are some examples you can find out on the market picked for you. Please pay attention to the desired weight of the ball when you decide to go down that path. Click on the image to review product details. More medicine ball workouts.

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Kettlebells work in a similar manner and can be used for more exercises too. They are typically produced in higher weights. Click on the image to navigate and decide what works best for you. 

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Number 4: Windshield Wiper

Lying on your back on the floor, stretch your arms left and right. Raise your knees forming a right angle and go them one right and one left. Do the exercise for 30 seconds or count 12-15 reps.


Number 5: Side Jackknife

In a side position, bring one hand behind your head and lift your head and legs at the same time so that you exercise your lateral abs. Do the exercise for 30 seconds.

Number 6: Standing Cross Crunches

On a smooth floor or exercise mat, stand up straight. Lift your leg one by one, bending the knee at the same time, with your arms bent and your palms behind your ears, you try to rest your knees on your elbows. You lower your arms a little, while most of the movement is done with a good leg lift. The important thing is that each time one leg is directed towards the OPPOSITE hand.


Bonus Track: Side Plank Dips

Assume the side plank position and lower your hips to almost touch the ground, then raise your hips to make a straight line from your feet to your shoulders. Then lower your hips to just above the floor again. Do this for 10-15 times for each side.

Enjoy your workouts.

Eat clean and train dirty!

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