Kettlebell Deadlift Vs Barbell Deadlift: Techniques and Forms

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Almost everyone I know desires to be fit and in perfect health. In a process to attain healthy body and structure, people hit the gym and different fitness studios.

While some people are well-informed and aware of all the aspects that need to be kept in mind before hitting a gym, some sadly don’t. And they are the ones that fall prey to gym risks or injuries.

So, it is always advisable for everyone to know and be prepared for certain things. It would be even better to have a practice of basic warm-ups or exercises that will help you accomplish the fitness targets quick.

Of all the exercises and workout that the instructor teaches, the deadlifts are popular among most of them. Since the deadlift seems to be challenging, most people love doing it for themselves. Hold on, before you rush to do the deadlift.

Deadlift: A Quick Look

Deadlift is the best to exercise if you really intend to muscle up your entire body evenly. This is the best, the weight stands hanging down from your hand while the hands are spread out or extended while in the standing position, though!

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It is to be remembered that the right kind of body posture is to be maintained in order to avoid the risk of serious back injuries. Mark this up, here!

Some of the best results of the deadlift are here:

  • Flexible body parts like the knees, back, neck etc.
  • Good body posture
  • Heavy and healthy biceps
  • Increase in the level of testosterone hormones in males
  • Burning of all the bodily fat
  • Grip and control on the body

With all this goodness lined up with the deadlift, everyone wants to try their hand on it. Sure, you can do that, but with caution.

To make the deadlift more interesting and beneficial when you’re doing it, remember there are many variations in it. Yes, each for different purpose and outcomes. Some of them are – the pause reps deadlift, sumo deadlift, kettlebell deadlift, trap bar deadlift, barbell deadlift and the list go on.

Of all these, there are a lot of people that practice on kettlebell deadlifts and barbell deadlifts too. While some others find it difficult to decide which of the two would be best for them. Both equally have their own good and benefits.

Now before you decide upon which one would be great for you, go through each one of them. As you read on, we’ll share the essential facts that will let you decide wisely.

Kettlebell deadlifts

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Image Source: Girls Gone Strong

Kettlebell deadlifts are the one effective workout that helps you improve certain areas of the body like the back (lower), glutes and right body posture.

To attain all of these, you should make sure that the kettlebell deadlift is done with the right kind of body posture, else that would lead to injuries and risk. To avoid all such risks, be sure and conscious of maintaining a firm and flat back.

Start doing the kettlebell deadlifts by standing straight with legs open wide out the waist. Now slowly bend downward pushing back your hip backward.

Maintain the hip and the back firm and flat. Also, ensure that the entire pressure of weight doesn’t fall on the lower back alone. Now slowly release down your hand to the floor to reach the kettlebell.

Breathe deeply while standing up straight with kettlebell dumble held by your hands. After standing straight with the kettlebell hanging below, release the air that you initially breathed in. You are done here.

Now keep doing it the same way you went down and up straight with the kettlebell in your hand.

Hold them tight and firm. Maintain the back flat throughout the kettlebell deadlift. Remember that the best can only be attained with a flat back. Having the flat back also saves you from any of the back injuries.

Better follow the instructions of your trainer, because they alone can access you physically at the gym.

Usually, a lot of people are seen doing the kettlebell deadlift at one. Not an issue if all the instructions are followed exactly. The beginners can take the help of some fitness tutorials online and set way to fitness.

Barbell deadlift

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The barbell deadlift seems to be a strenuous affair. But for the best of the results, you gotta opt this. With the heavy bar weights, you are sure to gain the muscle strength like always wanted by you.

You will be instructed to start doing this way here. Stand straight and look forward and legs spread out only by the waist.

So, here you don’t have to spread your legs too wide. Maintain some gap, now start bending by pushing your hip back. Bend your knees that will help you reach the bar.

Catch hold of the bar firmly make moves to stand straight then. Be sure with not moving your head or the neck too often, or you will end up hurting your neck badly. So, careful here.

Hold the bar with both your hands firmly in front of you. Hold tight for few seconds. Bend forward exactly like you did before to place the bar back on the ground. Don’t be in a hurry to throw the bar down or placing it back. It may hurt your back and your foot too sometimes.

Maintain the pace throughout the workout and concentrate on your breath too. Inhale while you lift and exhale slowly standing straight with the bar in your hands.

For best results do the number of rep (repetition) sets as instructed by your trainer at the gym. Does exactly the way instruct you? No less or more of rep sets.

That would never be a good thing because you might end up tired and exhausted. That will leave you not in a mood to do the next set of workouts.

With the barbell deadlift, you will attain stronger glutes, muscles, flat & strong hip etc. apart from these, you have your fat crying out from your skin in the form of sweat. Because of which there is a great number of calories burnt.

Now, finally…

Kettlebell deadlift Vs Barbell deadlift

After seeing both barbell deadlifts and kettlebell deadlift in detail, now it is time to see which one is more beneficial than the other.

Like we’ve discussed earlier, both are equally beneficial. But yes, both have some differences which you will notice once you start with them.

The first one thing that is seen among both deadlifts is the weight. The aspect of weights greatly differs from both barbell deadlifts to kettlebell deadlift. The kettlebell deadlifts are not heavy when compared to that of the barbells.

But here, there is another aspect to be talked about i.e. the weight again!

The bars can be customized easily as you want it. This can be simply done by placing or removing the weights on each side of the bar. And that done here. But for the kettlebell, this method is not possible.

Now coming to the direct benefits of these deadlifts training – the barbell deadlift is highly beneficial for the one that aims for the heavily muscled body.

The kettlebell bars is highly beneficial and recommended for the beginners. So, the beginners really don’t have to hit the gym to do the kettlebell deadlift. They can do that at their homes with kettlebells.

Both the kettlebell deadlifts and the barbell deadlifts burn an almost equal number of calories. But since the weight is a bit more in the barbell deadlift there is more of inhalation and exhalation.

This means there is more air exhaled, so a number of calories burned. The barbell deadlift ranks first in case you want to burn more of calories from your body.


It shows that the barbell deadlift is for the pros out there and the kettlebell recommended for the beginners or the newbies.

They are a lot of people that love both. Since both are equally good it would be hard to determine which one you should adhere to. But here there is one possibility. You can determine between the two on the basis of the targets you want to reach.

In case, you are beginner willing to lose only some weight or maintain fit then you can go with the kettlebell deadlift. In case you are a pro, aiming high for something like the championship, then go with barbell deadlifts.

Well, if you are too much of a fitness freak you can opt both, provided you follow the instructions of the trainer.

Stay safe and avoid hurting yourself during the workout. Since, both the barbell and the kettlebell deadlifts are risky training to undergo, it is advisable to wear a belt to the core. That protects the lower back, core, and the spine from getting hurt or injured.

For maintaining a healthy lifestyle and staying fit, you need to do your part of the exercise or some physical activities. The tip is that more calories are burnt during exercise sessions — and it’s because there is more of inhaling and exhaling.

Stay fit and happy!

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