4 Day Push Pull Workout Routine: How to Get Started

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What Is a Push/Pull Workout?

The push-and-pull workout puts all similar exercise-sets together to attain an enhanced and more symmetric outcome. Depending on the lifting age, upper and lower body workouts are then divided accordingly.

The upper and the lower body workout plans are divided depending on the lifting age of a certain athlete.

A 4 day pull push workout routine is very effective because it trains the entire body and major muscle groups, gives the trainer adequate time for recovery and can be tailored to suit everyone, irrespective of training goals, schedules, histories, and lifestyle.

This push pull workout helps your core muscles so that you can achieve great results with your workout:

  1. Shoulder, Triceps, and Chest
  2. Back and Biceps (also, if you’re deadlifting)
  3. Legs.

So, the selection of an apt workout plan will depend on your workout span. More the time you have spent for a workout, the more advance will be the plan.

These workouts can be split up in various ways depending on the conclusive objective, period, and the required expertise.

This article will guide you about one of the multiple plans of push/pull workout, the 4-day push/pull workout, particularly for the beginners.

Well, I will elaborate all three expertise levels for better understanding and then the all talk would be about how to get started a workout routine.

Are you all set to start a gamble? Let’s do it.

Beginning level (less than 6 months workout)

The general plan for the beginners includes a 3-day workout. However, this workout accompanies a low to moderate workout amount.

Commonly, the new trainee holds an intense workout with dynamic movements and plans to build the strong stamina.

However, I believe that an intense workout at the very beginning level may lead you to a muscles ache situation.

Moreover, I recommend you to perform the legs workout in the middle of the upper body exercises.

In this way, you will gain more muscles strength, the enhanced stamina and sufficient rest span to regain the energy.

The workout plan

Day 1 – push/leg/pull

Day 2 – push/pull/legs

Day 3 – push/pull/legs/pull

Day 4 – Rest

Intermediate level (6 months – 2 years workout)

Now, talking about the intermediate level workout, the push/pull format includes usually 3 to 4 days of calisthenics.

However, this stage of exercise requires a moderate intensity of the workout.

As an intermediate level athlete has developed already enough muscles stamina, they need an accessory workout to maintain their gained strength.

Here I would like to suggest again that the intermediate level athletes should limit their accessories to a certain extent. They should focus on the compound rather than the accessories.

The workout plan

Day 1 – push/pull/legs/pull

Day 2 – push/legs/pull/legs

Day 3 – push/pull/legs/pull

Day 4 – push/legs/pull/legs

Advanced level (More than 2 years)

Well, it’s time to talk about the advanced level workout. At this stage push/pull format constitutes 4 to 5 days workout, usually.

The athlete focuses on the end aims of the workout and considers compounds and accessories equally important. Moreover, the advanced lifters should plan their workout to build the shape of a body.

The workout plan

Day 1 – push/pull/legs/pull

Day 2 – push/legs/pull/legs

Day 3 – push/legs (push)/pull/legs (pull)

Day 4 – rest

4 days workout plan to get started

Day 1: Pull


Hold a pull-up bar with a strong grip so as your palms are facing away from you.

Now, keep your hands shoulder-width apart. Maintaining this position, stretch your upper-back muscles upward. Now, pull your chest towards the bar. Meanwhile, relax your lower limbs. Repeat the workout six-times with four sets in each rep.

Bent-over row

Hold a barbell in your hand with ultimate strength. Now, bend your knees and hinge from the hips while holding the barbell in your hand.

Meanwhile, let your back to be a bit concave. On the other hand, keep your shoulder blades slightly backward.

Now, pull the weight toward your lower chest. Then, slowly return back to the initial position.  Repeat this performance eight-times, each repetition with three sets.

Barbell curl

You need utmost care and ultimate focus to perform barbell curl movements. Hold the barbell with your palms facing forward.

Now, adjust your elbows as tight as you can with your body sides and expand your chest.

Lift the barbell up to the chest level and then lower back to initial position. Perform three sets, repeating each set ten-times.

Cable row

Well, this is cable row, the most important move of the day. In this workout, you need to sit putting your feet against the support.

Bend your legs slightly, hold the handle and fix your palms facing toward your body. Place your shoulders with the backrest and sit absolutely upright.

Now, pull the weight toward your chest preventing your body leaning forward.

Repeat this movement 2 times and make sure two sets in each repetition.  

Lat pull-down

Before performing this movement sit on your knees tightly with any support.

Now, grab the weight holding strongly with palms facing forward.

Remember; select a weight bar with double shoulder-width apart.

Without leaning back or forward, pull the bar in front of you until it reaches your chin’s level.

Repeat this move 20 times with each repetition of 1 set.

Day 2: Push

Bench press

Lay down on the bench and hold a barbell over your head level. Place these barbells wider than your shoulders.

Keep your elbows straight and move barbells slowly.

When you are moving barbells up and down, do not let your body move. Repeat this workout for 6 times with each repetition of 4 sets.

Decline bench press

In this move, you need to adjust your body on the bench slightly declined.

Keeping shoulder widths apart pull the barbell upward powerfully.

Perform the workout slowly and repeat for 8 times. Make sure that each repetition should hold 3 sets.

Incline bench press

For this move, you need to lie on the bench at an angle of 45-degree. Hold the bar overhead tightly.

You need to hold the bar wider than the shoulder-width. Now, hold your feet firmly on the floor and press the weight upward powerfully.

You are required to repeat this workout for 10 times with each holding a set of 3 performances.

Overhead press

So, peeps now let me tell you about the overhead press. Hold your feet shoulder-width apart and grip a bar strongly at the chest level.

Focus on your gluteal muscles and do not let them move forward or backward.

Now, push the bar straight upward until elbow gets rightly straight.

Now, let the bar return to the start position gradually. Here you need to perform 2 sets and 12 repetitions.

Clap deadlift

Clap press-up requires utmost attention as it involves very careful movements.

You need to get in touch in the top of a press-up posture.

Keep your hands on the ground, directly under the shoulders.

Then, push your body up forcefully and try to clap in front of your chest.

After single clap, quickly put your hands on the ground so to prevent your face thrusting against the floor.

In this way repeat the movement with sufficient rest between each rep.

Day 3: Legs And Abs

Performing deadlift

In this step, you need to perform some certain movements with holding a barbell in your hands.

Hold the barbell and stretch your arms straight while lowering hips and raising your chest up.

Now, bend your body, hinging at your hips, take the barbell to the floor. Push your hips forward and stand still.

Here you need to repeat this movement for 5-6 times.

Dumbbell squat

You need to hold the dumbbells in each hand widening your feet shoulder apart.

Now, put your whole weight on your heels and bend your knees until your thighs are parallel to the floor.

Then, drive back up to the standing position.

Hamstring deadlift

Hold barbells in your hands exactly at the back of your shoulders. Make sure that your elbows are not tilted toward the neck.

Bend forward, keeping the posture intact and hinging at your hips. You should bend unless a stretch is felt at hamstrings.

Then, resume the standing position repeating the movement 10 times with 3 sets.

Jump lunge

Jump lunge requires you to jump on one leg forward and then land with the other leg on the ground.

In lunge posture, you should keep your arms in spinster’s position for the sake of balance.

Keep alternating for a minute. You need to perform 5-6 sets each of one minute.

Hanging leg raise

Grip a pull-bar firmly and palms facing forward.

Now, induce tension in your core to prevent your body from swaying and raise your legs in front of you unless they get almost parallel to the ground.

Then, release legs back to the initial position with the help of core muscles.

You need to repeat this movement for 20 times with 1-2 set in one day.

Day 4: Have a rest

Set the fourth day as the rest day and then carry on repeating workout for rest of the days.

Benefits of the 4-days push-pull workout

Extra gain

Various kinds of movements, when performed in a uniform manner, induce a perfect upper and lower body figure.

Moreover, specific workout configures specific body parts rationally.

Above mentioned workout plan also offers enhanced rest period for the sake of better muscles growth.

Best for new lifters

For the sake of maximum gain, 4-days push-pull workout is the ideal plan which focuses on the body holistically.

It offers a perfect plan for the newer lifters in various ways.

Goal oriented

As being goal oriented, this 4 days workout scheme is also equally beneficial for the advanced lifters.

It helps them to split the upper and lower body days into very specific manners.

For instance, if you have missed upper body workout, you can dedicate a whole day for this specific workout without disturbing your general plan.


When you join a gym and start a workout there is a virtual workout plan.

However, short-termed plans and non-consistent workouts may lead you to a rough land. So, give the push/pull split a fair crack of the whip.

Push/pull plan offers increased and consistent frequency of muscles workout.

You may see various workout plans of 5 – 6 days but this push/pull plan comprises 4 days with one day as your day of rest.

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