10 Resistance Band Exercises For Men: Best Form and Muscles Worked

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Resistance bands are a pocket-friendly type of free weight exercise tool. It’s portable hence can be carried anywhere you go.

You can exercise with a resistance band at the comfort of your home or away traveling.

If you are looking to explore a countless number of moves and exercises for your muscles build up, cardiovascular fitness, maintaining standard body fitness, burning excess calories, muscle strength, a resistance band is simple but rather the best type of tool to look out for.

Bicep Curl

Step #1: Place the band at the bottom of your feet as you hold a resistance band with both hands upwards slowly, the palms of your hands facing forward direction.

Step #2: Curl your hands in a slow manner upwards to your shoulders as you compress your biceps pressing your elbows to your body lowering your hands back and forth.

Step #3: Slowly lower your hands to return to the initial position.

Kneeling Crunches

Step #1: Start by placing the resistance band at your back, while kneeling on the floor tryto reach the band at your shoulders by holding using both hands.

Step #2: Pull the band and bend forward crunching opposite the pressure. Moves should only come from your body and not the arms nor the hands.

Step #3: Repeat the moves appropriately and ensure the band holds tight not to slip from its position.

Step #4: Slowly release the tension created as you return to the starting point.

Lateral Lunge

Step #1: Begin by standing straight putting your feet together.

Step #2: Place the resistance band around your ankles and rest the hands at the sides of the hips or in front, holding firm forward.

Step #3: Stretch your legs to the right while pushing the torso backward and bending the other knee forming a lunge.

Step #4: Pause a bit as you do the same to the other foot.

Incline Chest Press

Step #1: Fix a band with handles on an anchor behind you then, hold straight the handles with each of your hands, palms facing upwards.

Step #2: Stand placing one foot ahead of the other for stability and ensure the feet is a good distance to create tension, start pushing the hands forward as you straighten them to meet forward.

Step #3: In a slow way return the handles back by bending your elbows to the initial stage. Ensure you hold the resistance band to your hand to avoid slipping off.


Step #1:Begin by curving a band at the pedal of your right foot, holding the handle at the wrist of both arms facing downwards.

Step #2: place the palms at the base, just like doing press-ups, the left leg should be straight as you keep on pulling the band back and forth using the right foot, hands holding firm to the floor. Keep on alternating to the left leg too.

Step #3: Return to the initial stage by slowly releasing the resistance band.

Glute Bridge

Step #1: Start by lying on your back with your knees bent, curve an appropriate resistance band just after your knee near the hips.

Step #2: Place your hips apart. Push your legs as you elevate your hips higher by squeezing your glut.

Step #3: By doing that your body becomes straight from knees to shoulders, hold on to that position for a while ensuring there is a constant force from the band to keep the knee steady.

Step #3: Lower your hips slowly to return to the initial point, to return to the initial point.

Lat Pulldown

The Lat Pulldown exercise is a great alternative to resistance brand. Here’s exactly how to do it.

Step #1: Fix a resistance band in a firm place, preferably an anchor, higher above your head position.

Step #2: Hold the handles with both hands and stand about two feet behind by placing the right foot a little bit behind.

Step #3: Proceed by pulling the resistance band by both hands to create tension. Another way is to kneel down and use the hand to pull the band.

Step #4: Slowly reduce the feet distance to return to the initial stage.

Triceps extension

Step #1: Start by placing a resistance band below your right foot while standing, place the left foot one feet in front.

Step #2: Hold with the right hand,the other side of the resistance band from the back at a 90-degree position.

Step #3: keep pulling the band up straight and back to the 90-degree position, your elbow should be close to your head.

Step #4: Slowly lower your hands to return to the initial stage.

Bend-over row

Step #1: Start by placing a resistance band below your feet, your feet a little bit apart, bend to pick up the handles of the band with your hands, ensure you have hold on tight to the handles.

Step #2: Slowly start pulling the resistance band upwards while stepping on the bands with your feet firmly not to slip off. At the resting place, your elbows should form a 90-degree.

Step #3: Slowly release tension by lowering the hands to return to the initial position.

Front Squat

Step #1: Start by placing the center of the resistance band below the feet. Squat to pick the handles of the resistance bands using your hands.

Step #2: Slowly kneel down then turn your arms to face backwards then rise to squat, keep moving up and down. Squatting to standing and vice versa. Your elbows facing forward and your hand resting on your shoulders grasping the hands of the band.

Step #3: Slowly release the band to return to the initial stage.

How to Keep Fit With Resistance Band Exercises


A number of people consider to enroll in gym classes and to stick to a workout program to stay fit, which often involves exercising with weight lifting like dumbbells and/or running on treadmills.

Which require a fixed timetable, but with a resistance band you can work out at anytime you feel like, and at any place provided you are free. And it’s the best since it’s a free weight tool.

Health improvement

However, in most cases the complexity of workouts do not always lead to more health benefits.

Exercising routine seems simple but results immensely to body benefits. One simple but extremely productive workout is resistance bands exercises.

Unlimited Usage

The exercises that involve the use of a resistance band is not limited. Vendors and sellers stock the resistance bands in enough stocks and you will get them anytime with cheap prices.

No Expertise needed

It does not require you to be an expert in order to use a resistance band, but anyone can comfortably exercise with it by reading the tutorials on how to use it on your own.

You will not require a trainer but your own skills and techniques that will give good results. The moment you know how well to use a resistance band, injuries will greatly be avoided.

Strong resistance

These resistance bands come with different magnitude of resistance and the features will allow you toapply according to your physical fitness.

Light weight

Resistance bands are very light compared with lift weights, which make them most appropriate for you as it will build muscle strength.

At the same time, if used in a special way, can enhance flexibility nature of your body and improve cardiovascular movements. You can use it anywhere, anytime you feel to have some exercises.

Wide variety

Before you embark on using resistance bands, it is wise to note that there are various types which suit every person depending on how they are used. Some are made of flat bands or in tabular form.

The bands that are flat are normally used to rehabilitate injuries, while those in form of loops are mostly used in leg, hips and gluteus muscle training.

Full body workout

Most resistance bands are shaped in forms of tubes but the most used ones are fit-tube and clip-tube.

Resistance bands persistently used can enable one to achieve whole body work-outs, the major aim is strengthening of body muscles and improving posture.

Applied in various positions

The resistance bands are normally used to enable muscle movements while squatting in a frontal direction, bend over rows and the horizontal rise and many others.

As you do these exercises, your body will gain a lot of strength at the back.

What are the benefits of resistance band exercises?

If you are planning to start physical fitness as a man, then you need to consider having resistance bands and be sure never to regret.

Despite its small size, it is very effective and can provide efficient engagement with the muscles.

In addition, it is less costly compared to other equipment; young can carry along with your bag and embark on exercise anywhere you feel like. Below are reasons why you should opt for resistance bands.

1). Resistance bands allow you to move in all directions

Resistance bands are unique due to their flexible nature. They provide for free maneuvering from one direction to the other.

Your weight will be dictated by gravity which allows having more resistance and hence stronger muscles. It maintains tension on the muscles which in turn make it strong and hard.

By stretching various muscles in the body, the resistance band will create an avenue for muscles to stretch and become stronger.

2). Resistance bands can be a challenging workout

Exercising with resistance bands needs you to have your own skills at figure tips.

It can be a bit challenging to achieve the desired workout, but by performing exercises that best fits your body will enable maximum use of the resistance bands.

Observing the tension of the band allows knowing the limits on where to stop. The bands will create resistance from all directions resulting in unified body strength.

3). Resistance bands for a traveler. 

People who travel alot,the resistance band is an essential exercise tool for you. Maybe your jobs entail moving from one region to the other.

If you’re this type of a person a resistance band is just like any other material that you pack in that suitcase. You will later use it in the hotel that you are spending a night.

It is also best when you have a limited time of visiting a regular gym as you will just exercise wherever you are and at any time.

4). Resistance bands increase coordination

That tension that you feel as you use the resistance band normally spread through out your body resulting in a well-coordinated movement which brings about body stability and muscle groups Mobility.

5). Resistance bands provide a variety

Unlike other type of exercises which involves weight lifting that limits you to a specific task, resistance bands will subdue that monotonous feeling of doing exercises in the same position.

It will allow you to do your exercises in all direction, positions of your choice. This will give your body an opportunity to feel how the resistance bands work and how it feels to have such resistance.

6). Resistance bands are inexpensive

Resistance bands are less costly depending on where you purchase them. The normal market price ranges between six dollars and thirty dollars.

It also comes with different sizes to allow you to choose according to test and preference.

It can easily be stored away in a small space, unlike other equipment.You can even store in a drawer.

7). Resistance bands are perfect for all fitness levels

Irrespective of how a person is big or small in terms of size, or whether a beginner, resistance bands are universal. Anyone can use it in all level of fitness.

You can apply it for basic movements or improve the ability of ancient moves.

Resistance bands are very flexible in that  one can exercise with it while in different positions, such as seated, lying down or standing which makes makes it a friendly type of tool.

8). Resistance bands are very effective

For men who want to improve their physical fitness, resistance bands are a way to go.

The bands are good for burning calories, improving cardiovascular fitness, muscle building, and strength enhancement.

If you are struggling with weight, then resistance bands should be a top priority in the shopping list.

Safety Precaution Measures For Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are the best types of exercising equipment. Although portable and easy to use they require proper maintenance and care for an excellent service and for your own safety.

When mishandled, it can cause severe injuries to the user and profound damages to the resistance band.

How to use resistance bands to avoid breakage?

  • Resistance bands have become more popular in recent days, but most people choose to venture into this type of exercise while ignoring studies forproper use and safety measures of the resistance bands. Tutorials are all over the internet, its a simple tool, thus do not require one to enrol into a gym class, for you to know how to exercise with resistance bands, rather just go through the notes about correct usage of resistance bands and the different types of workouts.
  • Most people tend to overlook resistance bands, not knowing how dangerous it can be to use a resistance band without the appropriate knowledge of it.It’s among the cheapest and most effective type of exercising tool, thus making it so easy to use and to be overlooked by many people, others exercise with it accompanying too much fun hence risking their safety.
  • Just as other exercising tools, resistance bands are no exception to breakage and ripping off, and to make it worse its vast usage makes it more dangerous.

Here are a few ways of using a resistance band to avoid breakage.

#1. Do not overstretch the resistance band

Resistance bands have a stretching limit or rather a breaking point, when you stretch a resistance band beyond its breaking point, it will definitely break or slip off due to too much tension.

While using a resistance band avoid going beyond off-limits for the band.

#2. Avoid using the band near hot places or near a pool

Pools contain a compound known as chlorine which greatly damages the band.

Hot place causes slow weakening of the band over time, leading to its breakage hence using it for a shorter time without giving you enough service. It should not be stored near moisture.

#3. Never release a band under tension

Ensure tight holding of the resistance band, to avoid it slipping off from the hand causing severe damages.

Always be aware of how to release a band slowly from where it has been fixed, from the anchor, hands or feet.

Never put the handles of the resistance band at the pedal of your foot, since handles are made for something to hold on to it, legs do not grasp the handles good thus the band will definitely slip off easily under pressure.

#4. Loop a resistance band on a specialized anchor.

It is clear that resistance bands are made of very light materials, which when fixed to objects such as wood or concrete, may lead to wear or tear of the band due to intense rubbing of the band to the wood or to the concrete causing ripping of the band over time.

It should be fixed to soft materials to avoid unnecessary breakages. There are Anchors which are made special for resistance bands.

#5. Avoid storing your band under direct sunlight.

The latex used to make resistance band will become hard hence when the band is stretched it breaks.

Resistance bands tend to last long when stored in a room with good air conditioning and always lubricate it every time you want to use

Tips for Safety, proper storage, and care for resistance bands

  1. Regular inspection of the band should be made daily and before use to ensure the hands are in good condition. Wear and tear can occur anytime even without your knowledge; it is always safe to check your tools regularly to avoid uncertainties.
  2. Know the kind of shoes to wear when going for an exercise. Because exercising with resistance bands engages both feet and hands. Do not wear shoes made with abrasive sole, it helps to avoid damaging of the resistance band. Don’t ever try using a resistance band barefooted, it may lead to severe bruising of the foot.
  3. Always check the floor you are exercising on. It should be flat and in good condition without portholes. Never exercise on a slippery floor. It should be dry and clean. Avoiding injuries during resistance band exercise should be very paramount. Minimize causalities as much as possible.
  4. Purchase several resistance bands because, there are different types of workouts and not all of them use the same type of bands. Others need short resistance bands, others need long bands. Having several resistance bands also helps them to last for a longer period of time. Depending on your physical fitness, having a variety of resistance band will allow you to choose the one which fits you and the type of workout respectively as you progress with the exercise.
  5. Never overstretch a resistance band two times the maximum limit. If you do so, it will break. It is always the rule of thumb not to stretch a resistance band two times beyond its resting point. Sometimes you exercise until you are taken over, but always ensure that the elasticity of the bands is maintained at all times. Elasticity is what give you good results after the exercise.
  6. Do not release a resistance band with tension, it might cause severe injuries. Grip a resistance band firmly and release it slowly until it rest.
  7. Always clean your resistance bands after use. Wipe using a wet cloth. Do not use detergents when cleaning a resistance band. Like any other type of equipment, ensure that your bands are always cleaned after use.
  8. Lubricate your resistance band before and after use. Lubrication helps to avoid drying of the band to prevent breakage. A dry resistance band is not only creating blisters on your palm but also reduces the durability of the band.
  9. Keep resistance band under a roof not outside, it should be kept out rich of children. Do not hang it outside after cleaning. It is best to always pack resistance band in their bag to avoid misplacement. The more you expose your brand to direct sunlight or rainfall, it will not offer the best results and it will not last
  10. Start your exercises slowly to keep track of the strength of the band, never fix the handles of a resistance band at the feet to avoid slipping off and causing injuries. Don’t rush to levels that you cannot accommodate. Just go at your own pace.

How effective are resistance bands?

You should be wondering if these resistance bands will give the best results or not. Worry no more, a resistance band is a most effective type of tool when it comes to muscles, strength and felicity movements.

You should not think about traditional lift weights. Resistance bands will transform your weak body muscles into a more strong and flexible muscle. Improve respiratory and cardiovascular movement.

Let me show you why resistance bands should be your number one choice:

Resistance band for muscles building

bands create tension which your body works against, muscle contractions take place as your body works against the tension stimulating bones and muscle growth.

Be stronger than free weights while exercising for you to build up muscle, it basically involves the muscles fighting against a force released by the band.

Having strong muscles means you will undertake your daily activities with ease. Your posture will improve because the muscles will be strong.

Resistance band for strength

As you stretch the band it creates tension, the process of stretching the band requires your strength to create resistance, thus causing tension which works on contracting your muscles making them strong.

As the tension grows between your muscles, it will create a consistent pattern of movement thus making your muscles more and more stronger as you continue with your routine exercises.

Resistance band for stretching

What resistance band does is to stretch your muscles even without you focusing on stretching your muscles with the exercise, it does that automatically as you focus on the other types of workouts, for instance, body and muscle stretching  is like a bonus granted to any man who exercises with resistance bands, because men tend to focus on bigger issues such as muscle building and strength gaining.

Bands are so effective because they can give you a number of services at a go.

Resistance for body fitness

The several types of workouts you do with resistance bands, guarantees body fitness because as you do the workouts, all your body parts and muscles take part in the exercise, your bones and muscles are stretched to stay fit.

A well-coordinated body will give you nice posture, balance, and ability to control your movements.

Resistance bands for burning extra calories

Each day we add extra calories in our bodies which are not helpful hence posing a great danger to our bodies, resistance bands are very effective in burning calories, workouts such as pull-ups, squat press, lateral band walk helps in burning weight because one engages himself into so much body activity.


Nowadays we’re consuming a lot of fats. These fats will block our arteries which will result in high blood pressure and eventually death.

But if you make resistance bands a part of your daily living, you will never experience these lifestyles diseases. That’s how magically and effectively resistance bands exercises work.

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