Mr. Hyde PreWorkout Review: What You Should Know

Mr. Hyde is a recognized pre-workout supplement in the supplement industry. It is mainly known for its strong intensity when contributing to sessions in the gym.

Mr. Hyde is a pre-workout supplement from the Prosupps brand. Pre-workout boosters are supplements that you take before your workout to boost energy. You may need this if you have an extra heavy training on the schedule, or if you feel little energetic before you start training. Continue reading

10 Stamina Workouts for Basketball Players at Home

Whether you’re in a basketball team or playing it as a hobby, increasing your skills will help build your level of confidence and improve your performance in the games. If you are looking to improve your game, practice at home may be the most convenient way to do it.

To get better in basketball, you obviously have to play a lot of basketball. But to get a bit better than your fellow players or your opponents, you have to follow a sports-specific strength training schedule. Continue reading

How to Do The Parallette Handstand Push-ups

There is no doubt that the handstand push-up looks cool. Could this be the reason why most the majority of fitness enthusiasts and athletes take it as the biggest bang-for-their-buck?

There has to be a connection.

The truth be told, strengthening as well as controlling your body is the most crucial element to focus on in your workout sessions. Continue reading

How to Do Kris Gethin 4 Weeks To Shred

Workout Routine, Diet and Results

Here are the best tips to get results from Kris Gethin’s workout program and how to do it:

#1. Consume more protein to prepare your body
#2. Be in a 300-500 calorie surplus to start the program
#3. Ignite the intensity: Don’t quit yet
#4. Crush weakness
#5. Take a pre-workout supplement before the workout
#6. Keep fatigue at bay with Intra-workouts
#7. Take post-workout supplements rich in Glutamine & Creatine
#8. Be consistent

For each day in Kris Gethin’s Workout Program, here’s how
it’s structured:

  • Day 1: Covers Back and Biceps
  • Day 2: Shoulder workouts and Triceps
  • Day 3: Active rest and cardio
  • Day 4: Legs
  • Day 5: Chest, Calves, and also Abs
  • Day 6 and 7 are for active rests and Cardio exercises.

Who can succeed with Kris Gethin’s 4 weeks to shred program?

You, yes you. However, it depends on your determination because it’s not going to be easy. But you’ll be excited you took that bold step. Continue reading

What Muscles Do Sumo Squats Work (I’ll Tell You)

Sumo squats — one of the variations of squats which includes a wide adjustment of legs and socks, unfolded outwards. This position allows you to put maximum strain on your inner thighs and buttocks.

Sumo squats are very similar to other squats. Many people even consider it the same exercise.

We can assume that if the sumo legs are arranged as far as possible and with the plumage the setting of the legs is less wide. In any case, this is a good way to work out such a problematic inner surface of the thigh and to tighten the buttocks. Continue reading